Will Smith's Netflix Movie is Getting a Sequel

par Splash News FR

Will Smith’s first Netflix movie is already getting a sequel.

That’s right, Bright, has officially been greenlit for a second installment, making a lot of people wonder what Netflix is up to.

The film cost a reported $90 million, but since there are no numbers available to the public to show what it has generated for the streaming site, we’re left to wonder how the company views success.

The film seemed right out of the Hollywood play book: starring Smith as a cop fighting supernatural forces in a fantasy world and directed by David Ayer – who helmed such films as End of Watch, Fury, and the financially successful, but terrible, Suicide Squad.

But, maybe we’re the ones that don’t have a clue.

Smith and Netflix are heading for another ride together, probably due out for a release in late 2018… and yep, probably with another $100 million dollar budget.

Netflix has revealed to spend up to $8 billion on original content next year, so expect more movies like Bright coming to a small screen near you.

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