Star Wars: The Last Jedi Takes #2 Spot

par SplashNewsFR

Star Wars: The Last Jedi now takes its place in history.The latest installment of the blockbuster franchise has just been named the second highest grossing film in 2017… now putting Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman in third place.According to Deadline, Beauty and The Beast still takes the top spot.The Last Jedi, staring Daisy Ridley has brought in an estimated $844 million worldwide… but it had mixed reviews. In the US the film brought in a reported $423.7 million dollars, just edging out Wonder Woman’s $412.6 million.As for Beauty and the Beast… it brought in an estimated $504 million.But lets be honest.The year isn’t over yet, and it could still eclipse the Emma Watson flick for the top spot.The top grossing film for 2016 was Captain America: Civil War with $1.153 billion.

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