Lindsay Lohan Owes $100,000 to the IRS

par Splash News FR

Lindsay Lohan has the tax man after her… and if she’s not careful, it could end up costing her.

According to new reports the 31-year-old has fallen behind more than $100,000 to the treasury… after balances in the years 2010, 2014, and 2015 went unpaid.

And the six figure balance led federal officials to issue a tax lien on the actress, but she claims it’s not her fault.

Lohan thinks a manager at the Los Angeles business she hired to handle the payments bungled the transactions, so she’s begun an investigation over the financial flub.

During the time she didn’t pay her taxes, she appeared in the film Machete and had a short-lived stint on the TV series, 2 Broke Girls.

Still no word on what will happen if she doesn’t fork over the money to the government, but she might want to get her ducks in a row – because when it comes to his tax money, Uncle Sam doesn’t play around.

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