How Dave Franco's Cats Helped Him Know Alison Brie Was the One

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Dave Franco had a few loves in his life before meeting now-wife, Alison Brie - but they weren’t females, they were felines.

Franco tells The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, “I don’t know how I became the quirky cat guy… At one point in my life I was the single guy with two 16 pound cats.”

Thankfully for Franco, his wife grew quite fond of Harry and Arturo… But that was just lucky.

Franco tells the Tonight Show, “It definitely weeds out a lot of potential dating partners… Alison loves them, thank God. She was really the only option for marriage.”

People magazine reports that Dave and Alison met in 2011 during Mardi Gras, and then married in March of 2017 after getting engaged in 2015.

We’ve heard of puppy love, but we guess this was kitty love.

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